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Our team of experts are eager to have a conversation to help you better understand how DesignAlign can better maximize your investment and impact with your selling partners and their design sales staff.


Sell more with DesignAlign.

With DesignAlign, you can support your business partners to successfully sell your products by empowering them with instant and accurate information, anywhere and at any time. By equipping sales designers with accurate information in a digitized format, be assured that you can hand off the sales process and support your sales designers in creating and conveying professional presentations.

The showroom owners or sales designers will also appreciate the convenience that comes with selling your products through DesignAlign. You can ensure they have everything they need from your brand, sublines, detailed specifications, and pricing. No matter where they are, or whether they are using their computer, smart phone, or tablet—they’ll be able to bring their customers along with them through the selecting and pricing process.

Drive more sales.


DesignAlign digitizes your recommended list price and manufacturer’s specification in a catalog where your brand, products, and details are included in the early, prequalification timing. This allows your selling partners and their sales designers to access all the information they may need in those important early discussions where prospective clients are considering their project scope and learning about your brand and products. Your selling partners will also feel more confident having digitized information in front of them at all times, so they can stay engaged and focused. Simply put, DesignAlign makes for an easier, faster, and more professional client experience as part of your brand experience.

Say hello to the future of K&B selling.

Do less printing and ensure you are not missed in the early budget prequalification, “quiet space” between prospective clients and your selling partners with digitized innovation. DesignAlign is available, anytime, anywhere, and on any pertinent devices, ensures that sales designers are only using the most up-to-date information, and saves you time and money by reducing the need for printed materials. So say goodbye to clutter, confusion, and extra work, due to out-of-date materials, and say hello to the future of K&B selling with digitized materials and information.

[With DesignAlign], we’re engaging customers in our showrooms and developing a budget on the spot. This results in higher project sales totals and eliminates the need to design without first being retained. This process and software works. Profits are up and our customer experience has improved.

Joe Thomas,
Custom Wood Products, KS

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