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Kitchen & Bath Sales Designers


Put time back in your day to do what you love—design.

Save time for creating options, layouts, and proposals by first leveraging DesignAlign’s comparative interactive budget prequalification tool. And spend more quality time with clients who are ready to say “yes”, by removing the “no” clients sooner—ultimately recouping time for what you love doing most.

Build client trust through interactivity and transparency.

Present product comparisons faster and more easily.

From your top cabinet brands, to over 430+ stock product catalogs that are included in your platform, DesignAlign’s budget prequalification platform is a superior method to help your clients narrow down decisions quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Instantly compare your cabinetry brands, construction, style, finish features, and pricing with DesignAlign’s US patent-pending Cabinet Selector. This helps your clients make a confident commitment, which will save you both time.

Keep organized with pertinent information at your fingertips.

DesignAlign provides a 360-degree view of your client-related information, which is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Instantly view your opportunity dashboard to visualize your sales pipeline for short- and long-range planning. And store all your clients’ contact records, pictures, drawings, communications, letters, and project documents in one convenient place—your DesignAlign Cloud with unlimited storage and time.

Innovation—the heart of design.

As designers, we know innovation is at the heart of every good design. DesignAlign is one of the newest technological innovations specifically created by and for K&B sales designers, no matter your process or approach. Working in a digitized format simplifies, streamlines, and eliminates waste. The digitized selling support platform also helps your sales process by serving as a digitized showroom.

I just signed my first full kitchen remodel contract using the DesignAlign comparative sales model from start to finish! It was an $83,000 sale.

Stephen Pate,
Providence Cabinetry & Design, AL

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