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DesignAlign explained.

DesignAlign proves that the quickest way to get client commitment is through pricing transparency and client interactivity before producing a formal design—bringing them along with you through the entire budgeting and sales qualifying process.

Your dashboard makes it easier than ever to pick up right where you left off - giving you a quick overview of your most recent contacts, opportunities, and budgets.
Build a foundation for turning sales inquiries into clients with an unlimited amount of storage for documentation, photos, business letters, sketches, and more for an unlimited amount of time. With better organization and prioritization from the ground up, you’ll stay in the know and on track with what matters most and convert more inquiries into sales.
The heart of the platform is a budget estimation process that empowers sales designers with instant and accurate pricing. This collaborative pricing transparency, plus products and services, informs clients and builds their confidence in hiring you.
It’s tough for clients to make a buying decision when they can only see a portion of the project costs. Whether you offer installation or not, having the numbers available and included better cements your client’s confidence in the total project cost estimation and increases the opportunity for a “yes” decision.
DesignAlign uses a time-saving, template-based system for more consistent, professional, and quicker client operational documentation. Pre-configure your budget templates to include your project scopes, and make interactive budget prequalifications with clients a breeze! Or upload your existing business documents so DesignAlign can build you easy to use, always consistent new templates.
Our integrated, master product catalog allows you to search across 430+ brands as well as feature your recommended sales price for an easy, all-in-one place reference.
DesignAlign’s US patent-pending Cabinet Selector supports a collaborative conversation between sales designers, authorized kitchen and bath showroom partners, and clients for a seamless and transparent design decision. Quickly compare construction, style, finish, and price instantly and accurately, while also instilling confidence in your client’s decision making process.


  • Client communication management
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Contact organization, from inquiry to contract
  • Customizable, template-driven platform
  • Client document management
  • US patent-pending Cabinet Selector
  • Product and installation comparisons
  • Master product catalog with 430+ brands
  • Industry-specific reporting with dashboard analytics
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use on all devices
  • Client-interactive scope budgeting

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